Reap Benefits of Better Customer Relations

Manage and nurture interactions with customers and sales prospects.
iFreeTools CRM enables..
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Service & Support
..and more.  
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iFreeTools CRM is built from the ground-up
to work over Google App Engine.

Track Sales Activities

iFreeTools CRM includes all core Sales Force Automation modules enabling you to create leads, add accounts, associate contacts and track sales opportunities from new or existing customers.

Related Modules : LeadsAccountsContacts and Opportunities, Sales Quotes

Plan and Manage Marketing

With iFreeTools CRM you can create and manage campaigns through different channels to up-sell, cross-sell or generate new leads and track the planned and actual costs, expected and actual response percentages and follow them up through the sales process to find the campaign effectiveness.

Related Modules : Campaigns, Email Templates and Email Marketing (coming soon)

Provide Better Customer Support

Using Cases and Solutions modules of iFreeTools CRM, you can provide a better experience to your customers by tracking their issues, feature requests or other questions. Assign owners and priorities for such cases and enable your staff to provide a solution, either from the existing set of solutions of create a new one for use in similar cases that may come up later.

Related Modules : Cases and Solutions

Inventory Management

iFreeTools CRM enables you to catalog all products and their inventory levels for use with the sales activities. You can also manage the vendors from whom the products are to be purchased.

Related Modules : ProductsVendors, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices (coming soon) is built over Google App Engine; but is not affiliated to Google.
The applications are currently in alpha.

All Apps Include..

Free Rebranding

Change organization name, application name and include logos. (more..)

Free Sub-domain Mapping

Map application to your sub-domain like, via Google Apps (more..)

Automated Audits

All write operations are audited for better security.

Customizable Selection Values

Customize the values in the selection boxes using Enum module under Admin. (more..)

Custom Views

Admin users can create default views for use by all users, or users can themselves create additional views as required.(more..)

Custom Deployments

$99/year for 25 users
$299/year for unlimited users

1GB, 2000 emails/day and above (details..)

Works best in 
Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.