Privacy Policy
We at Sahasvat are committed to maintaining privacy protection for our users. We share below details of the data we may collect, store and use as part of offering our services and how we protect such data.

Information we collect

Our application is built for hosting on Google App Engine, which is part of Google Cloud service. When you login into our application, you would share your Google Account login name and email address via Google's authentication API. We use the email address as an identifier to provide you access to the application. If you are not already part of an existing application instance, a new application instance will be created and assigned for your use, for which you will be the admin user.

Apart from this, every other detail entered (creating forms, specifying fields, etc.,.) and the data entered into the forms is treated as user's data, accessible only to the user accounts within that application instance.

Auditing is an important feature of the application, which records all changes to the data, made by users. Along with the changes made, audits would also record the user account of the logged-in user, IP address and the date-time when the change is made to the data. This audit data is available for review by the admin user of each application instance.

Protecting of Information

The data is stored as part of High Replication DataStore of our Google App Engine application. We use this data only for providing the application's services. The data will be physically stored in Google's datacenters in the US, with best security practices.

Within our application, read or write access to data is controlled by strict access control features. If a user, knowingly or unknowingly, tries to access the private data of another user's application instance, they will be logged out of the application with an informative message. Even within an application instance, when a user tries to overcome the configured access control restrictions, not only will the user's attempt be stopped, their action will also be recorded as an Audit record, which can be reviewed by the admin of that application instance.

Sharing of Information

Data can be explicitly shared by the admin of the application instance by using our features like web-forms and web-publishing.

Apart from this we may share data with the service providers we integrate with - like Google Contacts (import/export contacts), Google Drive (search and attach files from Drive), Google Maps (locate address on Map), Twilio (send SMS), etc.,. - to enable us to provide you with the relevant features within the application and each such integration is bound by the privacy policy of the respective service providers. We only integrate with service providers who respect the privacy of users. When using each such integration feature within our application, you can also read that service's privacy policy and use the related feature only if their privacy policy is acceptable for you.

We do not sell, rent or trade your information to any third parties.

Cookies and Analytics

Our application would set cookies, via the Users API provided by Google App Engine, for authentication and user sessions.

Apart from this, cookies and related technologies are used by Sahasvat via our service providers for purposes like analytics to understand the usage of our software. These service providers may track user behavior for the purpose of showing targeted ads based on the user's browsing preferences.

Important Note

Since most of our services are dependent on Google Cloud and other Google Services, including but not limited to Google Accounts, Google Maps, Google Contacts and Google Drive; and since in our single-tenant deployment mode our application will be hosted on your own Google Cloud project, we encourage you to read Google's privacy policy.

Compliance with Laws

We may share your information in order to comply with any court order, law or legal process, including as a response to government or regulatory requests.

Contacting us

If you have any concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the manner in which we may implement them, please contact us at We shall respond to all inquiries within 30 days of receipt upon ascertaining your identity.